“Working with Todd has been a pleasure. Within the time frame and communication hurdles of scheduling photography sessions from email, texting and voicemails spanning thousands of miles and weather reports; I couldn’t have asked for better results. Art direction from a distance is difficult, but Todd makes it easy and fun. He is efficient and time savvy. I depended on Todd to do the quality work I needed for my project and he came through every time. Results: the photography was exceptional; timing, lighting, backgrounds and attention to detail were all beautifully handled. I trusted and received all that I expected and then some.”

Connie Boesen, Art Director, Hellman

“Todd demonstrated an exceptional balance of technical skill and artistic talent in his work with us. As luxury resort developers, it is critical to convey the qualities of the unique physical environments for each of our resorts, and whether it was a winter scene at a mountain resort in the Rockies or a tropical rainforest on the coast of Central America, Todd's work was always evocative in portraying the site's best assets. He is one of the few photographers that understands both architectural photography and landscape photography with equal prowess.”

Matt Shanaberger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Synthesis Realty Group

“The spirit of our product goes much farther than just promotion of green technology. It is a philosophy of living. When Todd arrived to help us illustrate a new book project that highlights the homes of our clients, I was very impressed by his ability to capture that philosophy so well and so quickly. With very little planning, he was able to photograph the true feeling of each location, within hours of seeing it for the very first time. Most important to me was his enthusiastic interest in our product, our mission and our marketing needs. He provided regular updates, respectful feedback, and asked all the right questions. Todd is a pleasure to work with and I felt very confident with him in control. We love the results and the book is a big success. We will use his photos for many years to come, to share the spirit of our company with the world.”

Erwin Thoma, Thoma Holz GmbH, Austria

“Todd's photos speak for themselves. Over the years he has worked with us to capture the spirit of our projects, whether a large commercial building or a custom residence. Todd's dedication shows in his photos. We have worked together for many years and have created a long-term, successful collaboration to help build the image of my company. Todd is a consummate professional, easy to work with and provides stunning photography. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any project.”

Gerald Gallegos, Founder of The Gallegos Corporation

Todd Winslow Pierce is an exceptional tour leader. He is a great photographer, amazing instructor, super organizer, patient and has a sense of humor. He really did his homework before taking us to different locations. I admire him for doing the extra mile for his participants. Thank you for all your hard work. JVO Photo Safaris is lucky to have him.

A. Colliander