Todd Winslow Pierce is a professional landscape photographer based in Vail, Colorado. His images have appeared in numerous national and regional publications, advertisements, select marketing campaigns and fine art installations. His commercial and fine art assignments have taken him to locations throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Costa Rica and the Caribbean.

Todd has also produced several high-end private art collections and publishing projects, overseeing every aspect of design, prepress, offset printing, custom binding, packaging and distribution. His experience, professionalism and attention to detail are hallmarks of his work with clients and collaborators. As a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), Todd upholds and promotes proper business practices and helps guide others into the industry.

With two decades of professional experience, Todd has mastered diverse skills in several photographic disciplines including aerial, architecture, studio and adventure sports. His deep connection to the land, especially the mountain environment in which he grew up, cultivated a consistent focus on landscape photography that serves as the centerpiece of his work today.

Todd’s personal and professional ethos reflects a keen enthusiasm and appreciation for the natural environment, producing original work that encourages a sense of genuine connection and engagement. Todd believes the true power of photography as an instrument for change, one that cultivates awareness and commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship, relies completely on a foundation of ethical creation and faithful representation.

Although he uses digital cameras today, he honors more traditional, film-based methods of creating genuine imagery in-camera, where post processing is reduced to the minimum level required for accurate color and contrast rendition. In addition, Todd's field approach is highly strategic, based on a comprehensive understanding of geography, meteorology, astronomy and visual psychology.

Each project Todd undertakes reflects his sense of vision, artistry and meticulous attention to detail. His photography invites the viewer into a landscape, a moment in time and place, which instills a profound sense of wonder and appreciation by bearing witness to the world’s countless natural treasures. His work uniquely expresses the vitality, power, and beauty of the photographic form by capturing images that are consistently timeless, intuitive, and poetic.