In 2019, the Eagle Valley Land Trust (EVLT) asked Todd to capture the inherent beauty and value of the 130-acre Ridgway Ranch south of Eagle, Colorado. In partnership with Eagle County Open Space, EVLT needed compelling images to accompany an application for a Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant to help purchase the property and incorporate it into the surrounding Brush Creek Valley Ranch and Open Space. In December 2019, GOCO awarded $700,000 (the full amount requested) toward the purchase of the ranch, providing nearly an entire third of the funds needed to permanently protect its historical, ecological and recreational value for generations to come.



Sendero Verde comprises 140 acres of private land on the western slope of Colorado. Once slated for multi-unit residential development, the land was unified and restored to its natural state under the devoted stewardship of its current owner. To commemorate this achievement of preserving open space and vital habitat in an otherwise developed area, the owner commissioned Todd to document the beauty of the land, seasons, weather and wildlife that inhabit the property. The 2-year project culminated in the production of a limited edition, large format book.



With a focus on quality and innovation, John Deere has been meeting the specific needs of farmers around the world for over 140 years. At the heart of every technological endeavor is the company's deep connection to the land. To help promote this conviction, Todd was commissioned to create images that were more about the land and elements than the equipment; visions that Deere customers would have an inherent, heartfelt response to. Assignments spanned several months in Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Colorado and Manitoba, yielding unique imagery that was used for global advertising and placement in 1 million of the company's annual calendars.



With a rich history stretching back to the late 1800's, Marvine Ranch exemplifies a successful model of land stewardship, preservation of natural resources and the continuation of western ranching culture. Todd's multi-year assignment was twofold: to capture the essence of a traditional working ranch in harmony with its environment, then produce a custom, limited edition book for family and esteemed guests who visited the property. Along with managing every detail of design, printing and specialty binding, Todd also researched and wrote several eloquent essays about the natural and human history of the region.



Nestled at the foot of the Sawatch Mountains in central Colorado, Knapp Ranch is an idyllic coalescence of land, habitat and resource preservation, innovative high altitude farm-to-table agriculture, sustainable forestry and environmental education. Combined with a rich architectural story featuring unmatched craftsmanship that is thoughtfully integrated into the native landscape, Knapp Ranch is a story like no other. To illustrate that story in book form, Todd worked in concert with the client, writer and art director to photograph the wide spectrum of subject material over the course of multiple seasons. Todd also played a key role in story development, editing and production.



Spanning 11,000 acres on Colorado's Western Slope, Castle Peak Ranch is a paragon of land & habitat preservation under private ownership. Through the reinstitution of proper management practices, this picturesque landscape was restored into a balanced ecosystem and valuable wildlife corridor between winter range and an adjacent BLM Wilderness area. After the owners reviewed a small portfolio of Todd's images from just 3 months of work, they expanded the commission from a handful of prints to a large format, hand-crafted book that would encompass the dynamic seasonal diversity of the land and wildlife.